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Mar 02



  The military career of the Douglas DC series began in 1936, when the U.S. Army Air Corps ordered a pair of DC-2 commercial transports under the designation C-32. A contract followed for 18 DC-2s in the C-33 freighter configuration and two more as C-34 staff transports. In 1937, the U.S. Army ordered a plane …

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Jan 15

History of the C-130


The Birth of Hercules The creation of the C-130 Hercules came about largely as a result of America’s experience in the Korean War. The U.S. forces fighting along the 38th parallel dividing North and South Korea quickly discovered that their aerial transports were ill-equipped for the missions at hand. Some were too heavy. Some needed longer …

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Oct 27

History of the Challenge Coin


  It’s nearly impossible to definitively know why and where the tradition of challenge coins began. One thing is certain: Coins and military service go back a lot farther than our modern age. One of the earliest known examples of an enlisted soldier being monetarily rewarded for valor took place in Ancient Rome. If a …

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Aug 11

History of Fort Bragg


  HISTORY OF FORT BRAGG      In 1918, the Chief of Field Artillery, General William J. Snow, seeking an area having suitable terrain, adequate water, rail facilities and a climate for year-round training, decided that the area now known as Fort Bragg met all of the desired criteria. Camp Bragg came into existence on Sept. …

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Jul 02

History of the Parachute Badge


     The first Parachute badge was designed during World War II by Captain (later Lieutenant General) William P. Yarborough of the 501st Parachute Battalion. A memorandum of record written by Captain Yarborough on April 22, 1941, tells the story of the birth of the parachute badge.      “On March 3, 1941, I was ordered to …

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