About Us

Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, at Applebee’s Restaurant four ex-paratroopers agreed an airborne association should be organized in North Georgia. Shortly after, a meeting was held at a private residence and it was decided to have its first for-meeting at the Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville. With a mailing list furnished by the 82nd Airborne Chapter in Atlanta, a campaign of telephone calls went out to all members.

We chose not to go within the beltway of Atlanta, so concentrated our efforts to Northern Georgia. Along with the telephone calls, airborne slingers were posted in strategic areas.

We believed an active program agenda was needed to maintain the association member’s interest. Membership slowly started to grow. The latter part of 2013, North Georgia Airborne Assoc. was set up as a nonprofit entity. A bank account was then established at the Community Bank of Gainesville.

A logo was created among the members and later was printed to T-shirts. Next, we approved a maroon sport shirt with the airborne paratrooper, wing logo and the organizations name placed on the opposite side. It was decided that the honorary member sport shirts would be grey and would be minus the paratrooper wording but would be replaced with Honorary Member. Honorary members must have served in the military.

We are looking forward to a bright future and to bring others into our airborne family.