Events 2018

2018 Chapter Schedule: (Revised 2/10/2018)

January: 20th, guest speaker Dianne Dyer on .Vet Valor Foundation and Charley Bryant,
his fathers military service.

February: 10th Directors planning Meeting and 2018 schedule

March: 10th, Rudy Ramirez to speak on St. Michael the patron saint of the Airborne
March: (TBA) Benning trip to see the museum.

April: 28th, Camp Merrill, Ranger open house. A place for recruiting new Members

May: 21 – 24 th Ft Bragg all American week trip

June: 16 th, Chapter Meeting /

July: ( ? ), TBA

August: 18 th, Saturday National Airborne Day, (Camp Merrill)

September: 8th, Family Picnic (?) Bolding Hills Park, Lk. Lanier, Gaines.

October: 6 th , Taccoa Parade, (?) 2 PM, Band of Brothers weekend.

November: 12 th, Veterans Day, Olive Garden Chapter lunchen

December: TBA