A. The name of the organization shall be known as the; NORTH GEORGIA AIRBORNE ASSOCIATION


A. The objectives of the North Georgia Airborne Association shall be; to preserve in a patriotic reverence, the memory of those who served in the United States armed as a qualified parachutist; to support and enhance the fame and glory of the airborne; to maintain and strengthen the bonds of comradeship which distinguished the men and women who served in the airborne; to provide opportunities , for members to foster and cultivate their relations; to provide a means of gathering, receiving and disseminating information relative to its members; to encourage among them a close and friendly spirit of mutual cooperation; and to perpetuate the airborne spirit as to heritage and tradition for future generations.

B. The organization is intended to be and shall remain to be a non-political, non-profit organization, organized for the mutual benefit of its members.

C. North Georgia Airborne Association will not engage in or endorse any political or profit making activities.

D. No profit or earnings shall accrue to any member.


A. Regular Membership; All persons who have honorably or are now serving with an Airborne unit qualify and are eligible for active regular membership classification in the North Georgia Airborne Association.

B. Honorary membership: May be granted to any person or persons, by a majority vote of members present at any regular meeting.

C. Honorary members are not eligible to hold an elected office representing the North Georgia Airborne Association nor eligible to be elected to the Executive Board, but will have the power to vote only at open meetings of the No. Ga. Abn. Assn. Honorary members may hold appointed offices and serve on appointed committees.

D. Membership classification is governed by the constitution and By-Laws of the No. Ga. Abn. Assn. Form DD 214, duty assignment, orders, or award letter, shall be used to establish eligibility for regular membership.


A. The elected officers of the No. Ga. Abn. Assn., shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, and Sergeant at Arms. A parliamentarian shall be appointed by the president elect.

B. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the first annual meeting of the No. Ga. Abn. Assn., to serve a one (1) year term,with a two (2) year limit, unless no qualified successor is available. Installation of officers will be at the same meeting.

C. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the most immediate Past President. The president and elect shall be installed at the spring session.

D. Any vacancy in the Executive Board or No. Ga. Abn. Assn. Officers, created by resignation, Inability or demise may be filled with a temporary appointment by the Executive Board to fulfill the unexpired term.


A. There will be six (6) regular No. Ga. Abn. Assn., meetings per year, tentatively scheduled for January, March, April, June September, and November Each meeting will be held on the second Saturday of the month at 11:00 hours.

B. Executive meetings are to follow the No. Ga. Abn. Assn. meetings as soon as possible, preferable immediately thereafter.

C. Special meetings will be called by the President by notifying all members two (2) weeks prior to the date. Emergency meetings may require more expeditious measures.


A. No. Ga. Abn. Assn., will be $25.00 per year

B. Monies collected for annual dues will be used only for administrative purposes necessary for the proper functioning of the No. Ga. Abn. Assn..

C. Members whose dues are more than three (3) months in arrears, shall be restored upon payment of dues for the year.


A. A quorum shall exist when 25% of the membership are present.


A. Standing committees of the No.Ga. Abn. Assn., shall consist of the following:

  1. Membership
  2. Program
  3. Publicity
  4. Hearing
  5. Meeting
  6. Audit


A. President:

  1. The executive officer of the No.Ga. Abn. Assn., shall be the president. In his absence or inability to act, the Vice President; in his absence or inability to act, such member of the Executive Board as may be approved by said board.
  2. Shall chair all meetings of the Executive Board.
  3. Shall cause the annual budget and annual audit and have in hands of the Executive Board prior to the first annual meeting each year.
  4. Shall carry out all orders given by the No. Ga. Abn. Assn.
  5. Shall prepare agendas for all meetings, regular or special.
  6. Shall have the right to vote in order to break a tie, only
  7. Shall be responsible for the maintenance of the highest degree of proficiency and efficiency in the No. Ga. Abn. Assn.

B. Vice President:

The vice president shall carry out the duties of the office of president in the absence of the President, and be responsible for the execution of any duties assigned to him by the President.

C. Treasurer:

The Treasurer, shall be responsible for handling all monies collected, maintain a bank account, pay all necessary expenses as approved for the No.Ga.Abn. Assn. operation, keep adequate , accurate records and accounts reporting same at meetings and as required or requested by proper authorization. Upon determination by the Executive Board, Treasurer along with the Secretary may be bonded in favor of the No. Ga. Abn. Assn. by an approved Surety Company.

D. Secretary:

The Secretary shall take , keep and preserve the minutes of the Executive Board No. Ga. Abn. Assn. and special meetings, membership roster, handle communications needed and requested for proper No. Ga. Abn. Assn. operation. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer can be combined if and when deemed necessary.

E. Chaplain:

The duty of the chaplain shall be to open and close each called meeting with a prayer and to act in conjunction with the President at any called function, including last rites, if requested.

F. Sergeant Of Arms:

The duty of this officer shall be to maintain order.To act in conjunction of the President and follow his instructions.

G. Parliamentarian:

The Parliamentarian,appointed by the President elect, shall determine any conflict of the Roberts Rule of Order.

H. Executive Board:

The No. Ga. Abn. Assn., shall be governed by the Executive Board adhering to the Articles/ By-Laws and shall have the final in all matters; however, any member may appeal said decision to the hearing committee and may be changed by a 2/3 vote of the membership.

I. Hearing Committee:

The Hearing Committee is elected by the membership and will investigate and make recommendations on any complaints referred to them. These Trustees will be initially elected for a Three year, Seven year, and a one year term of office. Each Subsequent elected member shall serve a Three year term.


  1. Posting of colors
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. The pledge of allegiance
  4. Introduction of new members or guest
  5. Minutes of last meeting
  6. Treasurers report
  7. Committee reports
  8. Old business
  9. New business
  10. For the good of order, Installation of Officers ( Spring session only )
  11. Closing prayer
  12. Retiring of colors

Roberts rule of order, revised, shall govern the doings of No. Ga. Abn. Assn..


A. Article/By-Laws of the North Georgia Airborne Association are in effect as of April 4, 2014, as approved by a majority vote of the membership.

B. These Articles/By-Laws may be amended in any regular meeting, provided that all members are notified thirty (30) days prior to said meeting and approval of a majority of the members at this meeting.