Sep 12

American Legion Pavilion Clean Up

Recently 10 of the members joined together to refurbish the BBQ grill and pavilion at the American Legion Post in Gainesvile. The legion was very appreciative and will allow us to use the park facilities at any time, as long as we schedule our event into their calendar. The BBQ and pavilion are leased to groups for $350.00 per event, but will allow us to use it at, “NO CHARGE”. The Floor was repaired and painted, water basin restored, BBQ section furnished with new fire brick and grill, tables repaired along with general clean up around the area. Rainey Turpin, pressure washed entire interior of BBQ area, cleaning years of moss and dirt. Great job Rainey. We have been given permission to post a permanent NGAA organization sign over the fireplace mantle.


Area is ready for the family picnic, September 12th at 11:00 AM. A schedule of needs will follow.


DSCN2038 DSCN2039DSCN2049

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