Mar 28

Band of Brothers Monument Wreath Laying

We will meet at the base of the Currahee Hill by the monument. The time is set to allow us to set up and prepare for the group from Atlanta. Steve Tilley, will be on hand to brief us on the Four regiments and there place in Airborne history. Bring as many folding chair as you can. There may be some who will not be able to stand during the wreath laying ceremony. Uniform of the day will be our new maroon shirts. Wear dark colored pants for uniformity. Pictures will be taken for the website. A brief meeting will be held before or after the ceremony to discuss the nomination of officers and to start the process of forming bi-laws for our organization. After the ceremony, the Museum will be open. A special fee of $5.00 per person is needed for entrance.

More information will be forthcoming.

Date: 4 Apr 2014
Time: 1300 hrs
Location: Base of Currahee Hill, Toccoa, GA

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