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Camp Merrill Does Water Jump

Camp Merrill Does Water Jump May 11, 2016

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If you saw soldiers jumping from helicopters into Lake Lanier Wednesday needn’t worry, there wasn’t any emergency.

The 5th Ranger Training Battalion from Camp Merrill in Dahlonega was doing a water jump training exercise, May 11 at War Hill Park in Dawson County.

Soldiers were parachuting into the lake from Georgia National Guard Black Hawk helicopters to build proficiency in airborne operations and enhance morale of the unit.

The exercise also involved partnerships with local law enforcement and emergency medical service agencies.

Boat traffic was delayed in the area to ensure safety of the soldiers and boaters. Zodiac Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats with soldiers and rescue personnel floated nearby to pick-up and/or assist when needed. Fire/rescue was on standby to extricate Rangers from trees if necessary. None required.

The event was best viewed from Bolton Mills Park. The jumps started about an hour late, and lasted into the afternoon with approximately 130 jumpers jumping six at a time into 60 degree water from 1500 feet. No injuries occurred.

Present from the North Georgia Airborne Assoc. were chapter members Gary Weller, Lary Johanson and Bob Fryxell.

As quoted by one sergeant, “a jump over water is all in a day’s work. “It’s a lot easier and a lot less painful to jumping into water than onto land,”

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